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ENOZ is a rock band. ENOZ is an acronym which derives from the last names of each of the members. Haruhi and Yuki had once performed for this band in Live Alive during the Cultural Festival when Miyuki and Takako were injured.

In the original light novel The Wavering of Haruhi Suzumiya, ENOZ was actually an unnamed three-member band (the lead singer was the main guitarist) with unnamed members.

In Sound Around, ENOZ gave the SOS Brigade five tickets to attend a live concert that ENOZ and some other groups were performing at.

Known Members Edit

Imaginary ENOZ

Yuki and Haruhi

Known Songs Edit


  • The name “ENOZ” is a parody of a real-life J-Pop band named “ZONE”. Due to this, instead of 3 members as originally written in the novel, the band has 4 members in the anime. The name ENOZ derives from the last names of the music club members: Enomoto, Nakanishi, Okajima, and Zaizen.
  • The instruments that ENOZ use mirror that of what the ZONE members use, and even the name of the members are also similar to that of the real ZONE.
  • The band played for the CD Imaginary ENOZ featuring HARUHI.