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Endless Eight I
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Japanese title Endoresu Eito
Season 2
Season Two
Broadcast No.
Air date June 19, 2009
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(Season Two)

Remote Island Syndrome Part 2
(Season Two)

Endless Eight II

Key Events

  • August 17-August 31
  • Haruhi plans out the summer for the SOS Brigade
  • August 17-Swimming at pool
  • August 18-Attend O-bon festival
  • August 19-Cicada catching
  • August 20-Get part-time jobs
  • August 21-Stargazing
  • August 22-Batting practice
  • August 23-View a local fireworks show
  • August 24-Line fishing
  • August 25-Test of courage
  • August 26-Watch a movie
  • August 27-Swimming at sea
  • August 28-Bowling
  • August 29-Karaoke
  • August 30-End of summer activities
  • August 31-Kyon attempts to finish his summer assignments.
  • After, time is looped back to August 17.


During their summer vacation, Haruhi plans many exciting activities for the brigade to execute. After all activities have been done with, Kyon attempts to finish his homework and gives up partway through.


Differences from light novel

"Endless Eight" is one of the few Haruhi Suzumiya story arcs for which the TV series version significantly differs from the light novels. The original short story, in keeping with the fact that the perspective character, Kyon, does not retain full memories of older iterations of the summer, only covers the final iteration. The TV series instead stretches the story out to eight episodes, with each episode covering one complete iteration. The premise that only Nagato remembers older iterations is retained, so Kyon narrates each episode as though unaware of the time loop until Koizumi informs him.

The TV series also extended the summer activities, introducing a number of scenes which were not in the original short story. The summer blockbuster movie, seashore, bowling, and karaoke scenes were all added. The TV version also made one minor cut, eliminating the sequence where Kyon and Haruhi discuss the idea of getting kimonos for him and Koizumi.

"Endless Eight I" differs from the original short story more than any other episode in the arc, since it recounts one of the first 8,768 iterations of the two weeks, so unlike the other episodes, Kyon and Koizumi have no feelings of deja vu, and the brigade doesn't learn about the time loop.


  • When Yuki buys a mask at the festival, a mask with kyon's sister's face is seen at the top of the mask display board. The mask of Kyon's frog costume, as well as Asahina's is also shown at the bottom.
  • This episode was the 12th episode broadcast for Season 2, but was the second new episode.
  • Despite this being the second new episode shown, it was the first episode to feature the new opening, Super Driver.
  • When they went bowling, Yuki's score was 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, and 4.
  • At the baseball game, the scoreboard shows 8 - 0. It possibly indicates the beginning of the Endless Eight series.

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