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Endless Eight IV
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Japanese title Endoresu Eito
Season 2
Season Two
Broadcast No.
Air date July 10, 2009
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Endless Eight V

Key Events

  • This episode features the 15,513th loop of the summer. The events in this episode are exact to those of the previous one, except for the ordinary change of clothes and speech.
  • Unlike the previous episodes, recurring images of clouds and airplanes were emphasized throughout the episode.


Again Haruhi drags the SOS Brigade around to do various activities, including swimming in the pool, going to an O-bon festival, playing with fireworks, and bug hunting for the 15,513th time. However, Kyon becomes plagued by an increasing sense of déjà vu as the activities continue. Again, Mikuru calls Kyon in a panicked state, asking him to meet her. Kyon meets up with her, Yuki, and Itsuki to find that he has been experiencing an endless loop of events from August 17 to August 31. When time reaches August 31, time resets and everyone's memories are erased (albeit not thoroughly). This is caused by the fact that Haruhi does not want summer to end because she feels she still has things she must do. Yuki reveals that this is the 15,513th time they have looped and that she remembers every single repetition. Haruhi closes up the summer activities, and Kyon suffers a more intense moment of déjà vu than the last, but still can't think of what to do to make Haruhi satisfied therefore letting the loop continue.



  • This episode was the 15th episode broadcast for Season 2, but was the fifth new episode
  • Paranormal phenomena observed: déjà vu and time-loop
  • At the beginning, Kyon remembers that Haruhi would say to bring his bike.
  • The figures made by the planes are the number "8".
  • This is the only Endless Eight episode in which:
    • Background music does not play when the SOS Brigade meet in front of the station.
    • Yuki wears a bikini at the pool (instead of a swimsuit).
    • Of the two children at the pool which Haruhi introduces to Kyon and Itsuki in order to play water soccer, one of them is a boy (instead of both being girls).

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