Miyoko Yoshimura (吉村美代子)
Age 12
Gender Female
Occupation Student (grade 5-6)
Introduced In Editor in Chief★Straight Ahead!
Last Appearance Rainy Day/Welcome to the House of Terror

Miyoko Yoshimura ('吉村美代子), often nicknamed Miyokichi, is Kyon's Sister's friend and classmate.

She is described to be very polite and timid. Kyon says that she is the same age as his sister but looks and acts much more mature. Kyon states that when Miyokichi gets older, she may be like Mikuru in terms of beauty.

Miyokichi has an interest in B movies, haunted houses and similar things, which her parents do not understand. She collects things she finds interesting in a scrapbook, which she uses much like a diary.

Kyon took Miyokichi on a "date" shortly before he got into high school. She was interested in a remake of an Eiji Tsukada B movie, Dragon Hell, but couldn't get into the theater unaccompanied because she was less than fourteen years old. Kyon went with her, enabling her to see the film. Miyokichi kept the ticket stubs in her scrapbook.

In his assignment in Editor in Chief★Straight Ahead!, Kyon had drawn the "Romance" genre and wrote about his outing with her either because he had never dated a girl before, or he felt that it was most likely not a good idea to write about a real date he had been on if Haruhi was going to read the story. Her identity as Kyon's sister's friend as well as her age are not revealed in the story until the end which says "By the way, Miyoko was 10 years old at that time and was my younger sister's friend who only needed for someone over the age of 14 to accompany her to the movie". This part is cut out by Kyon and put into his shirt pocket. This causes a suspicious Haruhi to forcefully demand for the real conclusion of the story, which he does give to her.

Shortly afterward, Miyokichi asked Kyon to accompany her to a "haunted house", which she didn't reveal was the old home of Tsukada. Haruhi Suzumiya and Taniguchi went along with her, as both of them were still finishing up their work for the same publication Kyon had contributed his romance story to. Miyokichi told them the house was abandoned in a neighborhood where the other buildings were being reconstructed, and she had heard rumors the place was haunted, and the family that used to live there had been murdered.

Inside they found Tsukada's diaries and academic awards, when they were surprised by the arrival of Tsukada himself. He had kept the house because it reminded him of his childhood misery, which prompted him to become interested in movies. Miyokichi was delighted - she got his autograph and learned that DVDs of his old movies were now on sale. When Tsukada told them that he was reliving his past, reminding himself why he had gone into movies in the first place, Miyokichi was inspired to present her own interests to her parents.