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Mystérique Sign Returns is a chapter of the Haruhi Suzumiya Manga, volume 4. It is a direct continuation of the story "Mystérique Sign", showing how the SOS Brigade addressed the problem of the other people who had viewed the corrupted SOS Brigade logo.

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The SOS Brigade follow up on the eight people who went missing due to the strange data entity from Mystérique Sign. One of the victims is Kyon's grandmother. Kyon and his sister visit his grandparents, ostensibly as a family trip, but in Kyon's case, it is a rescue mission.

Their grandparents live in a remote village run by ancient traditions, in accordance with which his grandmother's disappearance has not yet been reported to the police. His sister believes she is playing hide-and-seek, as she always does when they visit. His grandfather says she disappeared while using her cell phone.

Kyon has to wait until it is dark and everyone is asleep and then, wearing modified glasses given to him by Yuki Nagato, confront the creature and stare directly at it, with the darkness minimizing his visual vulnerability to it. Kyon is frightened when the creature manifests as a whole crowd of people, including his grandfather when young. His sister is attracted by his cries, thinking it to be their grandmother. The creature attempts to enter Kyon through his eyes, but as it passes through the glasses it is trapped in the lens, leaving behind a small smear.

Kyon's grandmother returns to existence, now believing herself to have been hiding as Kyon's sister thought. Nagato explains that the creature was in an incomplete state due to the lower resolution of the cell phone, and needed to restore itself by entering someone who had seen a high resolution version of the sign. Kyon thus acted as bait for the creature. The manifestation of the creature as the people of the village, and some comments made by his grandmother, make Kyon realize that the more modernized woman still feels like an outsider there, decades after marrying his grandfather.