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Parallel Sidestory II: Mikurion Dollar Baby is a Haruhi Suzumiya Manga chapter in volume 8. It is set primarily in an alternate universe, with a frame story set at an non-specific time in the main universe.

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Mikuru Asahina has a recurring dream involving her as a boxer, fighting under her manager Haruhi Suzumiya in the SOS Gym. Mikuru performs well enough to "conquer the world" in Haruhi's words, drawing the attention of a shadowy high-flying fight promoter. He wants her to participate in a match against the current champion, Yuki Nagato. If Mikuru wins, the SOS Gym will receive funding, and Mikuru will move to a better equipped gym.

Mikuru is left with mixed feelings. Haruhi wants her to win the match, going a place where Haruhi, herself a former boxer, has failed at. However, Mikuru wants them to go ahead together. She recalls her dreams of "another world" in which the SOS Brigade exists.

She faces Yuki, doing poorly early on, as she hasn't really decided if she wants to win or not. Haruhi shouts at her to do better. The two competitors clash head-on, and Mikuru wakes up without seeing the outcome of the fight.

Back in the dream, it turns out Mikuru lost. Yuki used an impossible dodge, causing Mikuru to wonder if "divine intervention" had decided the match, and reveals that she hadn't actually wanted to win, as she would be able to stay with Haruhi.

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