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Show Must Go On is a chapter of the Haruhi Suzumiya Manga, volume 6. Set during the cultural festival, it focuses on Kyon's Sister.

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Kyon rejects his sister's appeals to let her come to North High's cultural festival, but she sneaks in. The girls at the soba cafe dress her as a maid, and she becomes a big hit waiting on customers. When Kyon hears about this from Tsuruya, he becomes afraid that Haruhi will run into his sister and tell him to spend time with her. He resolves to take her back home.

He finds Itsuki Koizumi, who tells him that during his Hamlet play, one of the actors left a prop sword on the stage, and Kyon's sister volunteered to retrieve it (her small size would be an advantage when the stage was dark). However, she couldn't get back from the stage when the lights came on. Kyon improvises an addition to the play, with Koizumi riding in on Kyon as his horse, to set up a barrier she can use to make it back without being spotted. However, she accidentally knocks over a piece of scenery, exposing her to the audience. She improvises by pretending to be trapped in a different time, and uses the sword to commandeer Kyon as her horse.

Afterward Kyon is angry at her, but Koizumi and Tsuruya are satisfied at how the improvisation worked, and Tsuruya takes her back to the cafe. Koizumi offers Kyon a place in the afternoon show.

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