Student Council President (生徒会長)
Gender Male
Occupation Student 'Agency' affiliate

The Student Council President (生徒会長, Seitokaichō) is part of Itsuki Koizumi's "method" and was hired by the 'Agency' to act as an archetypal nemesis to Haruhi and her brigade. He summons Yuki Nagato to inform her that the Literary Club will be removed due to its violating of school rules since the SOS Brigade illegally uses the Literary Club's clubroom. This was actually just to keep Haruhi entertained.

As part of his agreement with Koizumi (who made him run for president), he receives high exam grades. He also noted that he's grown accustomed to his role and enjoys wielding such power.

He frequently "attacks" the SOS Brigade, such as trying to prevent them from advertising themselves to new students in its second year. (Haruhi was able to fool him.)


The president, like Koizumi, has a false personality-mask. When acting as Haruhi's enemy, he wears glasses and acts rather coldly. He drops his façade when she is not around, at which point he'll removes his glasses and occasionally smoke cigarettes.

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