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The Day of Sagittarius Aftermath is a chapter of the Haruhi Suzumiya Manga, volume 7. In the story, the Computer Research Society tries to recruit the female members of the SOS Brigade.

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A few days after the Sagittarius contest, Kyon notices Nagato reading the Computer Research Society's online newsletter, which claims she is a new member of the Society rather than visiting as they agreed. He decides to not tell Haruhi, thinking the claim is harmless. However, when the newsletter starts also claiming Asahina as a member after she comes to a session, he becomes more concerned. This turns to distress when the newsletter starts including idol-style photos of Nagato and Asahina in costume.

Haruhi expresses concern about Nagato and Asahina regularly showing up late to the SOS Brigade. This inspires Kyon to send the Computer Research Society a message claiming to be a prospective female recruit who plans to scout out the Society's clubroom with her friend, Haruhi Suzumiya. The prospect of Haruhi coming by and seeing Nagato and Asahina there terrifies the Society enough for the president to send the two girls back to the SOS Brigade.

Kyon assures the president that he won't tell Haruhi about Asahina's visits, and tells Nagato that despite how things "worked out", she should still visit them if she feels like playing with computers. Kyon asks Haruhi if she would be interested in joining the Computer Research Society, which puzzles her since she regards it as a branch of the SOS Brigade.

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