The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
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Japanese title Suzumiya Haruhi no Shōshitsu
Air date February 6, 2010[1]
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The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (涼宮ハルヒの消失 Suzumiya Haruhi no Shōshitsu) is a film based on the fourth Haruhi Suzumiya light novel of the same name. Directed by Tatsuya Ishihara and written by Nagaru Tanigawa, it was released in Japan on February 6th, 2010. The movie has a run time of 162 minutes, the equivalent of 7 episodes.


On December 17, a month after the cultural festival, the SOS Brigade organizes a Christmas hotpot party. Kyon is skeptical of its success though still helps decorate the clubroom. On his way home, on December 18, Kyon talks to Taniguchi, who announces that he has a date from Kouyouen planned for the following week. Kyon reaches his house and falls asleep.

While walking to school the following day, Kyon sees Taniguchi wearing a face mask. Taniguchi claims that he has cold, denying having the date he mentioned previously. Kyon continues to school, finding that a cold epidemic has suddenly spread around his class. Kyon notices that Haruhi is absent. Ryoko Asakura appears instead, who Kyon believes to have been dead for several months. Kyon questions her, though his classmates assure him that she had been there the whole year. They are also unaware of Haruhi's existence.

Kyon tries to find Yuki and Itsuki, but discovers that Itsuki's entire classroom and Yuki have disappeared. On his way back to class, Kyon encounters Mikuru and Tsuruya, who do not remember him and physically fend off his attempts to talk to Mikuru. In a final attempt to find his friends, Kyon goes to the Literature Club room. He finds Yuki, though she is human rather than alien. All of the items kept by the SOS Brigade are missing and the computer is and older model with no SOS files. When Kyon leaves, Yuki asks him to join the Literature Club. Noticing Yuki's shyness and her human manner, Kyon takes the sign-up sheet out of kindness.

When Kyon gets home, he tries to get Shamisen to talk to him the way he did in The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya, but to no avail. Disappointed, Kyon goes to sleep.

Kyon returns to the Literature Club room the next day and finds The Fall of Hyperion, which was the same book Yuki used to reveal her true identity in the The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Kyon opens the book and finds a bookmark which reads: "Program Run Condition: Collect the keys. Deadline: Two Days Later". Kyon is unsure about the message's significance and decides to visit Yuki's apartment for clues. When they arrive, Kyon realizes that Yuki has one memory of him: an incident from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya where he helped her get a library card. However, Yuki remembers him as a random passerby rather than a brigade member. Ryoko Asakura comes to visit Yuki, startling Kyon who tries to back out. Yuki pulls on his sleeve as he attempts to exit. Kyon is moved by Yuki's display of affection and stays. He finds that this Ryoko is just a friendly neighbor who helps Yuki. Kyon still feels uneasy around Ryoko as they leave despite her kindness towards him.

The next day (December 20), Kyon mentions Haruhi to Taniguchi, who recognizes the name. He apparently went to Haruhi's middle school and tells Kyon that she attends Kouyouen School. Being stunned, Kyon thanks Taniguchi and leaves school to find Haruhi. He finds both Haruhi and Itsuki, who were walking home after school. Kyon notices that Haruhi has a similar facial expression and demeanor to the one she had before she made the SOS Brigade. Kyon finds Haruhi and tries to speak to her, but she pushes him off as she does not remember him. Kyon then asks her about the incidents at the Tanabata of three years ago, and when she realizes that he knows of all of that, he tells her that he is "John Smith", the alias that he used during the "Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody" incident. Haruhi faints and is caught by Itsuki.

After recovering, Haruhi listens to everything Kyon says about his alternate universe. He tells her about Yuki being an alien, Itsuki being an esper, Mikuru being a time traveler, and Haruhi having strange reality-altering powers. Intrigued, Haruhi decides to gather the former SOS Brigade members and meet them.

Kyon notices that Itsuki is close to Haruhi. Itsuki admits that he has a crush on her, and thinks she is a captivating person. While they travel to North High, Kyon tries to understand what Itsuki sees in her. Koizumi notes that if Kyon's Haruhi took notice of him for no particular reason, he concludes that she loves him.

Pretending to be students at North High, they take Mikuru from the Calligraphy Club and bring her to the Literature Club room. Once they enter the room, the computer spontaneously activates and displays a message. The message explains that there is a program in the computer which will allow him to return to his world. Kyon activates it, but instead of returning to his original universe, he finds himself in the Tanabata of three years ago. He finds the older Mikuru, who directs him to Yuki's house. There, Yuki explains that someone altered the world on December 17, changing everyone's memories within one year. She injects nanomachines into Mikuru and Kyon to protect them and provides a weapon to normalize the culprit, which Yuki reveals to be herself. Yuki had altered the world because of "errors", which Kyon later deems to be emotions that she couldn't understand. He realizes that Yuki had only preserved Kyon's memories so he could choose to return.

Kyon and Mikuru travel to December 18 to witness Yuki warping reality. Before Kyon fires his gun at the changed Yuki, he ponders whether to go back to his old world.

He concedes that his old world was a much more interesting place and is about to shoot Yuki when Ryoko intervenes, stabbing him in the back. Kyon's vision starts to blur and he becomes delirious with blood loss. Before Ryoko finishes him off, another Yuki catches Ryoko's knife. He sees the younger and the older Mikurus crying over his body. Someone comes up to Kyon and tells him not to worry. Kyon then loses consciousness.

Sometime later, Kyon wakes up in a hospital run by Itsuki's 'Organization', and finds that the world has been normalized. According to Itsuki, after discussing plans for Christmas, Kyon fell down the stairs and entered into a coma. The entire group had been shaken, especially Haruhi, who had stayed with Kyon the whole time he was hospitalized. Kyon looks over to see her asleep in a sleeping bag. She wakes up after Kyon touches her hair, scolding Kyon for scaring her and claiming that it was her duty to look after injured brigade members. Everyone proceeds to reunite with Kyon.

During his final hours at the hospital, Kyon wonders who the mysterious person was, figuring that it was his future self who had time traveled with Mikuru and Yuki. Following his release, Kyon visits Yuki to apologize for causing her emotion induced error, addressing her by her given name "Yuki" for the first time. Yuki tells him that her violation is being assessed by the Data Integration Thought Entity because it is afraid she will make further errors. Kyon grabs Yuki's hand and promises that if they decommission Yuki, the SOS brigade will do whatever it takes to retrieve her. He warns that he would reveal everyone's true identity to Haruhi and let her destroy the Entity. Yuki thanks Kyon and transfers the message.

On Christmas Eve, Kyon considers his duty to go back in time and save himself, but concludes that the world can wait and joins Haruhi's hotpot party.

After the credits roll, Yuki is seen at a public library watching a boy helping a girl get a library card. After they leave, Yuki continues reading.



Originally scheduled to screen in 24 theatres across Japan beginning in February 2010, the film continued to accumulate more screenings until it ran in over 100 theatres. Regular screenings lasted until October 2010, over 8 months after the film was originally released. The film earned more than 850 million yen ($10.5 million) in revenue from screenings in Japan.[2]

The film's theme song, Yasashii Bōkyaku (優しい忘却 "Tender Oblivion") by Minori Chihara, was released on February 24, 2010.[3] The opening theme is Bōken Desho Desho?" by Aya Hirano.

The film was released on Blu-Ray Disc/DVD, in regular and limited editions on December 18, 2010 in Japan,[4][5] coincidentally occurring on an important date in the story.

The film has been licensed for North America distribution by Bandai Entertainment. English-subtitled screenings began running May 21, 2010.[6] An English-language version will be co-produced by Bang Zoom! Entertainment and released on DVD and Blu-ray in North America on September 20, 2011, while Manga Entertainment will release it in the UK on October 3, 2011.[7][8][9] The film premiered in Europe on October 17, 2010 at the Scotland Loves Anime event in Scotland.[10]

The film has been shown in many countries, including Japan, the United States, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Scotland, Ukraine, Russia, and Ireland.



  • At one point the Disappearance of Haruhi SuzumiyaMAL was the highest ranking anime movie (9.13)a on the popular website Icon-myanimelist-22x22.png overthrowing the previous holder Wikipedia Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) AdvanceMAL (8.95).a Eventually many movies surpassed Disappearance in ranking and most anime movies were crushed in ranking by Wikipedia Kimi no Na wa. (your name.)MAL (9.2+).
  • Paranormal phenomena observed: alternate world, time travel, matter manipulation
  • Haruhi wondered if Kyon was a slider from another world.
  • If one is to look closely at some of the scenes in the movie, they bear a remarkable resemblance to the pictures and/or scenes showed during the first opening theme of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya anime, particularly that of the message that Yuki Nagato had left for Kyon in the computer inside the Literature Club Room, the book falling during Kyon's confrontation with the "other" Yuki Nagato, the knife that Ryoko Asakura held before attempting to kill Kyon, and the scene in the movie where Nagato is seen looking and holding her hands up to catch the snowflakes falling from the sky. Those parts in the opening theme may be asserted as direct references to the movie, long before even an announcement of the movie was made.
  • If one looks closely at the scene of the flashback of when Kyon and Yuki first met in the public library, one would see that Haruhi Suzumiya was the one who called Kyon, even though she never met Kyon in the altered reality, apart from the "John Smith" encounter. However, it is possible that the flashback is of Kyon's memory of what happened.
  • The movie itself shares some qualities as the 1946 movie Wikipedia It's a Wonderful Life by showing an alternate timeline where Kyon has never met Haruhi. Other references to this film can be considered Kyon's blue scarf, which he did not have in the manga and the light novel, and which remains with him until movie's climax, which also happened with George Bailey, the main protagonist of It's a Wonderful Life.
  • The voice that spoke to Kyon as he was losing consciousness was his own indicating that a future version of him arrived to preserve the original timeline with assistance from Mikuru. Later light novels confirm this.
  • In the scene after the credits, Yuki covers her mouth with the book, possibly hiding a smile. Another interpretation is that she is using the book as a placeholder for a smile; simply, books would make her smile if she could.
  • At 162 minutes, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya is officially the second-longest animated feature film ever produced. Two other anime films, both from the Wikipedia Space Battleship Yamato series, place first and third. They are, respectively, Wikipedia Space Battleship Yamato: Final Yamato (at 152 minutes for the 35mm cut and 163 minutes for the 70mm cut) and Wikipedia Space Battleship Yamato: Be Forever Yamato (at 151 minutes).

Differences from the light novel

  • In the prologue of the film Haruhi says, "but no alcohol, I've vowed to go my whole life without ever touching the stuff", whereas in the light novel she says "to never drink again." [emphasis added] This is because the sequence in Remote Island Syndrome where Haruhi, Kyon and Mikuru get drunk does not appear in the anime version.
  • The events that happen in the SOS Brigade club room are spread between December 16 and 17, while in the light novel, no dialogue is exchanged in the club room on December 17.
  • In the film, the December 17 conversation between Kyon and Taniguchi regarding the latter being on a date takes place during P.E. class, while in the light novel, it takes place on the way to school.
  • In the light novel, Kyon attempts to call Haruhi's number but does not get an answer. This is omitted from the film. Instead, Kyon merely sees that Haruhi's number is erased from his phone's contact list. Additionally, Sasaki is listed as a contact on Kyon's phone.
  • The security guard that overhears Kyon's encounter with Haruhi and Itsuki in the alternate reality does not appear in the light novel.
  • In the film, the final conversation between Kyon and Yuki on December 21 is moved outside, but still within the hospital grounds, while in the light novel, it takes place while Kyon is still in the hospital bed.

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