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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 4
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 4.png
Japanese title Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu IV
Season 1
Air date June 4, 2006
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Key Events

  • Ryoko Asakura reveals herself as an alien.
  • Ryoko attempts to kill Kyon to observe Haruhi's reaction involving data, but Yuki thwarts her, stating she was an unsatisfactory backup.
  • An older Mikuru travels to the present time and tells Kyon to remember the story of Snow White.


Haruhi is visibly bored and is not her usual energetic self. Ryoko Asakura, the class president, is concerned and asks Kyon to help her. Kyon later finds a mysterious letter in his locker, which directs to come to a classroom, where Ryoko confronts him. Revealed to also be an alien, Ryoko attempts to kill Kyon in order to provoke a reaction from Haruhi, but is stopped by Yuki. Later, Kyon meets Mikuru's older self that had traveled from the future, who reveals that Snow White is the clue essential to his future. Ryoko was reported to never have transferred into the high school, much to Haruhi's suspicion.





Nagato vs Asakura English Version


  • This episode was broadcasted as episode 10 of Season 1, and episode 4 of Season 2.
  • The opening theme does not air.
  • A couple that is seen early in the episode also appears at the end, breaking up.
  • During the confrontation, Asakura says "You love Kyon, don't you?" reversed and sped up in Japanese, while Nagato's response is a SQL query, also sped up and recited backwards. According to the light novel, it is "SELECT serial code FROM database WHERE code data ORDER BY offensive information combat HAVING terminate mode."
  • This is the first episode in the chronological order in which a paranormal phenomenon appears
  • A smaller student is seen slapping a bully trying to steal his sandwich, prompting the bully to whine "BUT I'M HUNGRY!"
  • Paranormal phenomena observed: reality warping (justified as "data manipulation") and time travel (adult Asahina from the future)
  • The beginning scene where Asakura tries to talk to Haruhi, and then talks to Kyon after his conversation with Haruhi, was not part of the original light novel.

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